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  • Hip Impingement & the Active Adult 10/11/2018

    Don't let groin, thigh and buttock pain prevent you from digging, setting and spiking the ball. Learn more about hip impingement symptoms and treatments.

  • Common Golf Hip Injuries 6/5/2017

    The repetitive, quick motions in golf can lead to hip pain. Learn about golf hip injuries, causes, and treatment from Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.

  • Joint Preservation of the Hip 3/6/2017

    If you're suffering from hip pain or discomfort, learn more about joint preservation from Dr. Eric Pifel.

  • All About ACL Tears in Athletes 8/25/2015

    Now that Jordy Nelson has torn his ACL and is out for the 2015 NFL season, learn all about ACL tears, treatment and prognosis for recovery.