Back Care Quiz: Why does my back hurt?

Back pain is one of the more prevalent medical conditions in the United States. Taking good care of your spine and back muscles is a key to preventing recurrent back pain. Take the quiz to learn important back facts and how to avoid spinal issues that could impact your daily life.

Sharpen Your Back Pain IQ

  • Select the option that best characterizes the appearance of your spine from a side view.

  • What affects can osteoarthritis have on your spine?

  • If you have a slipped disk, it has fallen out of place.

  • Which of the following is unlikely to be the cause of a slipped disk?

  • Approximately how many doctor visits annually are attributed to back pain in the United States?

  • Which of these is not a recommended measure for preventing back pain?

  • Keeping your wallet in your pocket can be harmful to your back.

  • Generally, the severity of a spinal cord injury increases the lower it is.

  • Which of the following is least likely to cause a sprain of the ligaments and muscles of the back?