Back Pain Quiz

How much do you know about your back pain? What can you do to alleviate it? Is it time to see a doctor?

Take the quiz and find out what actions you can take to understand and treat your back pain.

  • You should see your doctor about back pain if:

  • The best exercise for a sore lower back is:

  • You should keep your knees lower than your hips while sitting.

  • Some lower back problems may be felt in the legs instead of in the back itself.

  • What puts a person most at risk for back pain?

  • Low back pain is a common problem.

  • The cause of back pain is usually straightforward to diagnose.

  • Which lifting posture is best for your back?

  • Surgery is not the primary treatment for low back pain.

  • Which position helps your back when you sleep?

  • Which of these sports are likely to cause dangerous back injuries

  • Which of the following measures will not ease a backache?

  • What are the warning signs of a herniated disk?