Knee Injury Quiz

Knee Pain & Injuries Are Common

Your knee is amazingly complex. Its many parts work together to keep you mobile, but also make you vulnerable to many injuries and chronic conditions.

Knee pain in the most common issue orthopedists see. The more active we become as a society, the more knee issues we incur. Yet because our knee is so complex, its inner workings and source of our symptoms continue to remain a mystery to many of us. Take this short quiz to learn more about your knee pain.

  • The most common bone broken in the knee is the kneecap.

  • A mere five pounds of extra weight exerts how many pounds of excess pressure on the knees?

  • Damp weather and rain worsen the symptoms from arthritis in the knee, particularly pain.

  • Taking it easy is always the answer for easing knee pain.

  • Certain conditions can falsely present as knee pain when in fact they arise from another part of the body. Which of the following conditions does NOT present as knee pain?

  • Which is the most helpful for relieving knee pain from arthritis?

  • Stretching after strenuous exercise or sports has been proven to be beneficial for the knees.