Christine Gillis, Radiofrequency Ablation

Location: West Allis
Type of Procedure: Radiofrequency Ablation
Procedure Date: October 2011
Hospital Stay: Day surgery
Doctor: Jamie O. Edwards, MD

Why did you choose Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital?

Doctor recommended it.

What was your pain/discomfort level?


What was your recovery time?

24 hours

When did you return to normal activity?

24 hours

How were the doctors and staff?

Dr. Edwards was fantastic. He doesn’t treat you like a number. He listens and explains everything.

Full Story

I put off going to the doctor for over a year for my hip pain. My pain got progressively worse and interfered with my day-to-day living. Getting up out of a chair, walking, sitting, bending – the pain was extreme. I was sure it was hip arthritis; however, an MRI indicated I had arthritis in my spine that was pressing on a nerve. My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Stone recommended I see Dr. Jamie Edwards, because he specializes in back and neck pain.

I started out with two injections into my back that are given simultaneously with X-ray to pinpoint exactly where the medication is going. I experienced immediate pain relief which meant I was a candidate for radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Edwards explained that ablation is an intense procedure. That’s what I like about him, he tells it like it is and doesn’t lie to you. For about 15 seconds during the procedure, I could feel the heat and yes, it was very intense. Dr. Edwards stood by my side and held my hand. I was afraid that maybe I had bruised his hand I squeezed it so hard. I got off of the table and I felt fantastic. The pain was gone.

Dr. Edwards warned me that I would feel pain after the numbness wore off and gave me a prescription for pain medication. I got home and waited. Still no pain. Went to bed that night and still no pain. I took one pain pill just in case and woke up in the morning and never took another pain pill. I can’t believe the difference. My pain level is zero since the procedure, and I have my life back. My husband tells me to quit running ahead of him when we go shopping and to slow it down.

With each procedure, Dr. Edwards treated me like a real person. He listened to my concerns and alleviated my fears. He explained everything to me and put me at ease. He even let me hug him when it was all over.