Mark Balestreri, Knee Replacement

Location: Caledonia
Occupation: Retired
Condition: Knee
Type of Procedure: Knee Replacement
Hospital Stay: 3 days
Doctor: Donald J. Zoltan, MD

Why did you choose Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital?

I had several procedures done by Dr. Zoltan years back and when I needed a knee replacement, he referred me to the hospital so I didn’t have much of a choice, but I walked away very impressed.

What was your recovery time?

2 months

When did you return to normal activity?

2 months

How were the doctors and staff?

I walked away from my treatment at MOSH impressed with the full service staff and personalized patient care. Nurses were always available after my surgery and the entire staff seemed to go the extra mile, ensuring a comfortable stay and full recovery.

Full Story

I played minor league football, which is how I injured myself so frequently. Playing minor league, it’s for the love of the game. You go in, get the problem fixed, and go back out on the field again. Dr. Zoltan proved several times he could return me to 100 percent. But as I get older, it has become progressively more difficult maintaining a competitive body. Now that my football days are over, I adapted my concept of recovery from returning to the football field to simpler things. Now, I don’t care about the technical part of care. I just want to walk again. I read about doctors screwing up and there is always an element of doubt, but Dr. Zoltan develops a true relationship. I trust him to put me back together.