Michael Lietke, Elbow Arthroscopy

Location: Kansasville
Occupation: Firefighter
Condition: Elbow
Type of Procedure: Elbow Arthroscopy
Procedure Date: July 2010
Hospital Stay: Day surgery
Doctor: Eric B. Pifel, MD

Why did you choose Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital?

Dr. Pifel came highly recommended.

What was your pain/discomfort level?

Constant pain

What was your recovery time?

6-8 weeks

When did you return to normal activity?

I was back to work with no restrictions one day short of three weeks.

How were the doctors and staff?

All of the staff went above and beyond; from the anesthesiologist who was concerned enough to call me at home to the staff that sent me a get well card. The care was outstanding. The staff was awesome and Dr. Pifel was professional, nice and explained everything to me.

Full Story

As a firefighter, I stay in shape by exercising and lifting weights. But a work injury that occurred on a rescue call in 1999 damaged my elbow badly enough that it required surgery. Eleven years later I needed surgery again on the same elbow. It felt like putting a wedge in the hinge side of a door and closing it. I could feel bone chips in my elbow, and it just kept locking up on me. I’d massage the elbow to get my arm moving again. An X-ray and MRI confirmed that bone chips and debris needed to be removed from my elbow.