Robert Dorn, Total Knee Replacement

Location: Caledonia
Occupation: Retired
Condition: Knee
Type of Procedure: Total Knee Replacement
Procedure Date: July 2011
Hospital Stay: 4 days
Doctor: Donald J. Zoltan, MD

Why did you choose Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital?

Dr. Zoltan recommended.

What was your pain/discomfort level?


What was your recovery time?

Woke up from surgery feeling better.

When did you return to normal activity?

Used walker for one and a half weeks, using cane and able to drive in two weeks.

Full Story

When it comes to hospital stays, Bob has had his share. He’s had 11 surgeries on one knee, resulting in a total knee replacement almost 20 years ago. He’s also had his back fused and had constant, continual back pain. Two years ago he was set to have his other knee replaced, but his wife’s serious health issues, including a heart condition and cancer, meant he had to postpone knee replacement until July 2011.

“Now he’s recovering so fast, and it’s only been two weeks,” said his wife, Dianne. “I think it’s because of the excellent care he got at the hospital.” Dianne compared Bob’s hospital stay to going on a cruise. “The food was excellent and everyone was friendly, helpful; right there when we needed them. Bob even ate fish and ordered it twice, and he never eats fish. They even served perfect eggs. The cleaning people folded our towels into little animals just like they did on the cruise we took.”

While her husband was having surgery, Dianne sat in the hospital’s prayer room and prayed for her husband. “He’s been in pain since 1974, and I have to believe in miracles because when he woke up, he said, ‘Honey, I don’t have any pain. My back pain is gone.’”

Dr. Zoltan corrected a number of issues that might have contributed to Bob’s pain. According to Dianne, Bob is bowlegged and one leg is longer than the other due to the first knee replacement. Dr. Zoltan straightened out the leg, and Bob no longer complains about back pain. After a little more than a week in a walker, Bob shifted to a cane and within two weeks, he was given the go ahead to drive and ditch the cane. The in-home therapist cleared him for outpatient rehabilitation in just less than two weeks too.

“Dr. Zoltan is fantastic,” said Dianne with a smile in her voice. “I gave him a hug and kissed him when we went in for Bob’s check-up. I believe in miracles. I also believe in your hospital team. You have a trophy of a hospital.”