Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment

Southeast Wisconsin’s Achilles Tendon Rupture Experts

As your body’s largest tendon, your Achilles tendon helps you push your foot off the ground. Though this tendon is strong, it may tear if you fall or overstretch it while exercising.

For help relieving pain and preserving your foot’s function after an Achilles tendon rupture, rely on the expertise of ankle specialists at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.

How Do I Know if My Achilles Tendon Tore?

When your Achilles tendon ruptures, you may notice:

  • Sudden, severe pain, as if the back of your ankle was struck
  • A popping or snapping sound
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Ankle weakness
  • An inability to stand on your tiptoes

To improve your odds of fully recovering after your injury, seek medical help immediately if you experience signs of a torn Achilles tendon. Your doctor will physically examine you and may request a painless magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to pinpoint the source of your pain. Afterward your doctor will discuss the various options available for Achilles tendon rupture treatments.

Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment Options

As a non-surgical treatment for a partial tear of your Achilles tendon, you may need to wear a cast or brace for several weeks to help your tendon heal and prevent further injury. When your tendon ruptures completely, your doctor might recommend surgery to stitch the tendon back together. If you qualify for the minimally invasive approach to a tendon repair procedure at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Services, you’ll experience less postoperative pain and enjoy a faster recovery.

After your injury or surgery, ankle rehabilitation will assist you in regaining strength and flexibility. After your Achilles tendon rupture recovery, you may be able return to your favorite activities in four to six months.