Sprained Ankle Treatment

Southeast Wisconsin’s Resource for Ankle Sprain Treatments

An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments, which are band-like structures that connect bones to one another and help stabilize the joint. When the ankle ligaments are forced to twist or roll beyond their limitations either inwardly or outwardly, small tears in the ligaments occur.

While you and your doctor might be able to observe your ankle sprain symptoms and make an educated guess, X-rays are often the most definitive diagnostic tool. If you’re experiencing severe ankle pain or swelling, it’s important that you see an orthopedic physician at one of Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital’s affiliated physician offices, conveniently located in Milwaukee and throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

Three Degrees of Ankle Sprains

  • First-degree ankle sprain — is when the ankle ligaments have been stretched but not torn.
  • Second-degree ankle sprain — is the most common of ankle injuries and is a partial tearing of the ligament.
  • Third-degree ankle sprain — is the most severe of ankle injuries. With this ankle sprain, the ligament has been torn completely and may require surgery.

When to Seek a Sprained Ankle Treatment

While ankle sprains are common, the after-effects can linger and impair mobility for several weeks. Also, you can experience weakness and stiffness in the ankle area for months, even years, afterwards. A repeat injury is a definite possibility.

So, how do you know when to see a doctor for a sprained ankle? For the reasons stated above, it’s wise to seek a medically supervised ankle sprain treatment right after any injury occurs – especially when there’s a lot of swelling and it’s difficult to bear weight on your ankle.