Hand Surgery

Your hands’ sophisticated bone structure and nerve network let you perform a variety of tasks. But the complexity of your hands also makes them more likely than some other parts of your body to experience an injury. That’s why the finger and hand surgeons at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital trained extensively in treating upper extremities.

Discuss hand surgery with one of our orthopedic specialists located in Milwaukee or Southeast Wisconsin. Your hand surgery specialist will help you decide on the appropriate treatment and recovery plan.

Will My Hand Benefit From Surgery?

Surgery at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Services can offer you relief from many hand problems, including:

Is Surgery Right for Me?

To determine if an operation is your best treatment option, your skilled hand or finger surgeon at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital will discuss your condition and goals for recovery. You may qualify for a surgical procedure if you:

  • Experience a traumatic hand injury
  • Lose finger function
  • Haven’t found relief from conservative approaches, such as orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Are generally in good health
  • Don’t smoke
  • Maintain a positive outlook and realistic goals
  • Will adhere to your hand surgeon’s treatment plan

What Are My Surgical Options?

Your doctor will recommend the best type of surgery for your specific injury or condition. If you feel severe arthritis discomfort in your fingers, your options include a fusion procedure or joint replacement that will eliminate the painful joint while preserving your fingers’ functioning. To treat a fracture, a surgeon may use pins or screws to hold your broken bones in place.

Whenever possible, your hand surgery specialist will perform your hand operation using a minimally invasive arthroscopic technique that reduces pain and recovery time.

What Will My Recovery Involve?

Following surgery, you’ll wear a splint for a few weeks to protect your hand and fingers as they heal. After your doctor removes the splint, you’ll spend up to three or four months in orthopedic rehabilitation performing guided exercises to regain strength and flexibility in your hand. Practice your exercises at home to maintain the benefits of rehabilitation.

How Do I Prepare for Hand Surgery?

To improve your odds of a good surgical outcome, explore ways you or your child can prepare for a visit to Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.