Baker's Cyst

When arthritis, a cartilage tear or another knee condition makes joint-lubricating fluid build up behind your knee, you experience swelling that’s referred to as a Baker’s cyst. The condition doesn’t always cause pain, but may limit how far you can bend your knee. A knee specialist at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital can diagnose your cyst and advise you about relieving discomfort.

Expert Diagnosis & Treatment for Baker’s Cyst

To diagnose a cyst, your doctor will gently feel the area behind your knee and may shine a light on the swollen section to see if the growth contains fluid. Your physician may request an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

Baker’s cysts often go away on their own, but your physician can use a needle to drain the fluid and relieve swelling. Your doctor also will advise you about treatment for the cyst’s underlying cause, which may be arthritis or a meniscus tear.

Rarely, swelling behind your knee results from a blood clot. If you receive a diagnosis of a blood clot, your doctor will recommend prompt medical treatment to improve the flow of blood and oxygen through your veins.