Knee Osteotomy

When osteoarthritis affects just one side of your knee, an osteotomy at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital shifts weight off the damaged part of your joint to ease discomfort and help restore the use of your leg.

Is an Osteotomy Right for Me?

You may experience the greatest possible benefit from an osteotomy if you’re:

  • Age 40 to 60
  • At a healthy weight
  • Active
  • Able to fully straighten your knee and bend it 90 degrees

A knee osteotomy can help you if your leg bones misalign with your knee and force part of your joint to bear extra weight. During the procedure, your skilled surgeon at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital will reshape your shinbone or thighbone so that it better lines up with your knee and relieves stress on the painful area of your joint. This procedure may delay your need for a knee replacement.

Recover With Support

After your osteotomy, you’ll spend two to four days in the hospital. A continuous passive motion machine will gently move your knee to help you maintain flexibility. Doctors and nurses will monitor your health and give you medication to ease pain.

In the following weeks, you’ll use crutches to keep weight off your leg and wear a brace to stabilize your joint. Knee therapy and rehabilitation at Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital will assist you in regaining strength and functioning. You may be able to return to your favorite activities and exercises several months after surgery.