Flat Foot

Flat foot is the underdevelopment of the arch of the foot that causes pain and eventually stiffness. Treatment for flat foot involves bracing, arch supports, physical therapy and occasionally surgery.

Subtalar MBA Implant

A new surgical option, researched in the Milwaukee area by Dr. Brian Black, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, is Subtalar MBA implant. This minimally invasive option involves the use of a small titanium device that is inserted into the foot to retain the motion and improve structure of the foot to help prevent the collapse of the arch.

Children who are candidates for the Subtalar MBA implant have severe painful flat feet and have tried other options without success. This technique has excellent outcomes with few risks. Recovery time is approximately two to four weeks. Many patients are more active for longer periods of time after surgery because they have less foot pain and fatigue in their legs.

Benefits of Subtalar MBA implant include:

  • Decrease in symptoms, i.e. pain and tiring of the feet and legs
  • Low risk of infection
  • No bone or cartilage is removed
  • No holes are drilled in bone
  • No bone cement is used
  • The implant can be removed if necessary