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Published on October 18, 2012

Mark Meier

Mark Meier, MDLocation: Greenfield
Occupation: Physician
Condition: Hip
Type of Procedure: Bilateral Total Hip Replacements
Procedure Date(s): August and September 2011
Hospital Stay: 3 days
Doctor: Jeffrey J. Butler, MD

Why did you choose Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital?

I first chose my doctor, Dr. Jeff Butler, and then the hospital at which he does surgery, MOSH. I am very familiar with the hospital since I am on the medical staff there; having great respect for the doctors and staff at that hospital.

What was your pain/discomfort level?

Before surgery, every step was painful. I have not taken pain medication since my surgery, even in the hospital.

What was your recovery time?

Three weeks after my second procedure, I returned to my office full time.

When did you return to normal activity?

Three months after my bilateral total hip replacement, it was a joy to put on my ski boots again and ski. I also returned to snowboarding at the same time.

How were the doctors and staff?

I have nothing but compliments to say about my doctor and the support staff at MOSH; from the greeter at the front door to the person who cleaned my room, to the person who delivered my meals, to the person who put me to sleep for surgery, to the person who started my IV before surgery, to the person who took my vital signs after surgery, to the person who helped me walk again the day after surgery, to the person who prayed with me while I was in the hospital, and to the person who wheeled me out of the hospital … to all of you: thank you for changing my life.

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