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Athletic Training Services

Optimizing your performance as an athlete involves many aspects of training, practice, nutrition and motivation. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious, competitive athlete, we’re able to assist you in reaching your personal health, fitness and athletic goals.

Our sports medicine team of orthopedic specialists and certified athletic trainers collaborate to provide orthopedic services to more than 25 different schools throughout Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin. The team also ensures that young athletes receive education about injury prevention, watch for unsafe situations, and administer pre-game taping and precautionary measures. If an athletic injury does occur, the team will evaluate, provide orthopedic treatment, and manage follow-up care.

The role of the sports medicine team includes coverage for sporting events, special events, summer school and daily training sessions. At the schools listed below, a full-time, certified, licensed athletic trainer is available during practices and games for students and faculty. Team physicians staffing sporting events provide timely intervention and follow-up care.

For more information about athletic training services, certified trainers or team doctors, please fill out a brief contact form or call 414-817-5800.

School & Community Outreach Partnerships

Milwaukee Metro Area

Brookfield Academy

Athletic Trainer — Travis Hering
Team Physician — Dr. Eric Pifel

Brookfield East High School

Athletic Trainer — Joe Cieszynski
Team Physicians — Dr. Brian McCarty and Dr. Randal Vosters

Brookfield Central High School

Athletic Trainer — Greg Lucas
Team Physician — Dr. Bindu Bamrah

Franklin High School

Athletic Trainers — Mike Freitag & Sara Carey
Team Physician — Dr. Jamie Edwards

Greendale High School

Athletic Trainer — Chris MacKenzie
Team Physician — Dr. Sean Tracy

Greenfield High School

Athletic Trainer — Ellen Wanta
Team Physician — Dr. Brian Black

Marquette University High School

Athletic Trainers — Greg Strege & Michelle Whitaker
Team Physician — Dr. Damian Kosempa

Martin Luther High School

Athletic Trainer — Ashley Groth
Team Physician — Dr. William Pennington

Oak Creek High School

Athletic Trainers — Jon Finiak & Mehgan Iwinski
Team Physician — Dr. William Pennington

South Milwaukee High School

Athletic Trainer — Brittany Hering
Team Physician — Dr. James Stone

St. Francis High School

Athletic Trainer — Beethoven Carabacan
Team Physician — Dr. Joshua Neubauer

St. Thomas More High School

Athletic Trainer — Shannon Mortimer
Team Physician — Dr. Damian Kosempa

The Rock/Milwaukee Wave

Athletic Trainer — Claudia Curtis
Team Physicians - Dr. Eric Pifel & Dr. Sean Tracy

University School of Milwaukee

Athletic Trainer — Phil Oblak
Team Physician — Dr. Amin Afsari

Wauwatosa East High School

Athletic Trainer — Gail Bonofiglio
Team Physician — Dr. Patrick Cummings

Whitnall High School

Athletic Trainer — Bethany Shaw
Team Physician — Dr. Donald Zoltan

Racine Area

Racine Case High School

Athletic Trainers — Jessica Geisler and Grace Heal
Team Physician — Dr. David R. Ross

Racine Horlick High School

Athletic Trainer — Callan Curtis
Team Physician — Dr. Goran Jankovic

Racine Lutheran High School

Athletic Trainer — Kayla McClure
Team Physician — Dr. David R. Ross

Racine Park High School

Athletic Trainer — Christy Purpero
Team Physician — Dr. Joshua Neubauer

St. Catherine’s High School

Athletic Trainer — George Wakim
Team Physicia — Dr. Bindu Bamrah

Union Grove High School

Athletic Trainer — Chelsea McShane
Team Physician — Dr. Brigg Barsness

University of Wisconsin- Parkside

Athletic Trainer — Matt Patzke
Team Physician — Dr. Goran Jankovic

Racine Area Soccer Association/Racine United Soccer Club

Athletic Trainer — Grace Heal

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