Why Athletes Are Using IV Therapy to Aid Performance & Recovery

Written for MOSH by Dr. Alia Fox, Founder and Medical Director for H2O.

While training, athletes are constantly pushing themselves to the limit to reach new milestones and achieve their goals. Regardless of the level, this can put a lot of stress on their muscle tissues, bones, and joints. Training for hours at a time not only puts their bodies through intense physical challenges but their minds as well. Becoming an elite or professional athlete requires both physical and mental resilience and focus. To maintain their energy and keep their body and mind operating at top levels, more and more athletes are incorporating IV Therapy into their training and recovery routine. IV Therapy has many benefits such as recovery from illness, hydration, immune support, combat anti-aging, and assist with athletic performance. It’s the fastest most effective way to replenish your body without the demand on the gut for absorption, all while providing immediate delivery to your cells.

Fueling Your Body During Athletic Training

There are specific IV infusions that can provide the benefits athletes need to aid in their performance and recovery. One is the Peak Performance infusion, and another is the IV NAD Therapy. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a compound that is found in every living cell in your body. This compound aids in several important processes, including energy production, stem cell health, bone health, and proper sleep and rejuvenation. Athletes need to make sure they’re fueling their bodies with the proper foods, nutrients, and compounds to keep their body and mind replenished. For all of the benefits it provides, it’s easy to see why NAD supplementation through IV Therapy has increased in popularity. Through intense focus, physical and mental resilience, and a commitment to proper methods of recovery, athletes can achieve the competitive advantage they need to be successful. This includes the foods and supplements, like IV NAD Therapy, that they use to fuel their body and mind.

To learn more about IV Therapy, contact our partner Dr. Fox, founder and medical director of H2O.