Common Golf Hip Injuries

By: Eric B. Pifel, MD

Golf is often thought of as a gentle, calm, non-contact sport that is easy on the body. In comparison to football or hockey, that may be true. However, golf has its moments of violence, power and strength that take a toll on the body. Hip pain in golf is often the result of repetitive motion, rotational torques, ball striking, and even the walking can create injuries to the body. The hip is vital to these activities in golf.

Hip Pain in Golf

Hip pain is a less common complaint in the golfer but can be devastating to maintaining a fluid swing and creating power. The hip is the bridge of the body to the legs. It is important to stance but also to the creation of good posture, generating swing torque, and to weight shifting during the swing cycle. Pain and injury to this vital joint can diminish or eliminate a golfer’s ability to participate.

There are many causes of hip pain. The majority of these problems are simply due to overuse or minor injury. Rest, use of anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, icing, heating and alteration of your game (diminished frequency of golf, use of a cart, etc.) typically will allow one to return to the links. However, there may be some causes of pain that are more concerning and may require further intervention.

Common Hip Problems

  • Muscle strain
  • Osteoarthritis (degenerative)
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis

Serious Hip Problems

Common Causes & Prevention

The more common causes of hip pain come from wear and tear, overuse and possibly poor mechanics. These can create groin and lateral hip pain in the area of your pockets.

Beyond the standard treatments for these aches and pains, prevention can play a key role in treatment. Proper stretching before and after activity, the maintenance of abdominal and low back (core) strength, and the intermittent evaluation of one’s swing mechanics can help diminish poor technique. This in turn may decrease the risk of these types of symptoms.

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Golf Hip Injury Treatment

More serious hip pains—ones that may require surgery—may not be able to be prevented. Serious hip problems that require surgery may include:

  • Labrum (or cartilage) tears and hip impingement may need minimally invasive (arthroscopic) hip surgery to alleviate symptoms. Although minimally invasive, this surgery may require significant time off of activities, including golf.
  • Hip arthritis, if severe enough, may eventually need hip replacement surgery. This is not an end to golf however. The majority of people who had hip replacement are able to return to golf.
  • Stress fractures of the hip can be catastrophic and may require surgery, even in the young golfer.

Like any golf injury, playing through the pain infrequently creates a good outcome. Early recognition and treatment are the keys to returning to golf. Evaluation by an athletic trainer, physical therapist, physician or other health professional is important for a safe and efficient return to play. Keeping healthy hips can allow one to maintain the rotational torque needed for the swing, and hopefully, the bragging rights after the first drive.

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